Gia Re

Singer Actress Model

Born in Jamaica and shaped by the vibrant culture of London, this versatile performer can be spotted lending her voice to popular London nightspots or gracing your television screen in a variety of roles, spanning from commercials and children’s series to her latest appearance in the beloved cheerleading film franchise, “Bring It On,” now streaming on Netflix.

Gia’s  journey in the world of entertainment began at the tender age of 3 on a Jamaican television show created by her parents. From there, she embarked on her acting career in the UK at the age of 13, and for the past seven years, she’s enchanted audiences with her solo singing performances in and around London. Her adventurous spirit often leads her to exciting destinations abroad as well.

Gia’s creative flair mirrors her eclectic style, which seamlessly blends her island heritage with a fusion of colors, streetwear, and timeless fashion silhouettes. Transitioning into her performance alter-ego, she radiates glitter, glamor, and an ethos of “more is more,” though she also appreciates the elegance of “less is less.” Her ultimate state of bliss is achieved when she’s adorned in scanty attire, sparkling metallics, and dazzling jewels.

Guided by her boundless passion and driven by ADHD, her interests span a wide spectrum, encompassing the arts, culinary pursuits, travel adventures, and language exploration.