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Lovemeknot is what London based hairstylist Emma has gone by for the best part of the last 10 years. With 17 years in the industry she’s a master at her craft and has built a strong and loyal clientele that has recently followed her to a new east London location situated in the city of London (sta studios). A specialist in cutting, styling and invisible extensions, Emma has worked across London helping her clients achieve their hair goals and making long lasting relationships with her client base along side welcoming creative projects that compliment and inspire her every day work.

As a festival lover and fashion fairy this is often reflected in her work and she has been the go to hair tinsel queen for many. Photo shoots, music videos and weddings are among the things she thrives in when she’s not working in the busy buzzy Samantha Cusick London where she’s worked for 7 strong years. Her attention and care and love of her job is in the details.