Content Creator Fashion + Lifestyle

Chris also known as ‘That Irish Gay’ is an LGBTQAI+ content creator who gained popularity for his comedic and relatable videos directed towards the queer community. As one of TikTok’s LGBTQAI+ trailblazers, he often shares humorous anecdotes from his life growing up as a homosexual in a heterosexual world. He has a distinct comedic style that is characterised by his deadpan delivery and use of irony.

In addition to his comedy videos, Chris is also known for his fashion sense and has a unique style that incorporates bright colours and bold patterns. He often matches his eyeliner to his look and cites his fashion as a vessel to express himself. Chris has also been recognised as a creator who pushes the fashion forward through exceptional creativity and innovation and will be representing TikTok at #TikTokFashion London ahead of London Fashion Week.