Our collaboration with Southern Comfort has spanned numerous projects, showcasing our capacity to deliver a comprehensive range of creative services tailored to the brand’s campaigns. Our primary objective has been to provide an efficient service while consistently meeting the brand’s creative and adaptable requirements.

The following highlights the scope of work we’ve undertaken for Southern Comfort:

  • Bespoke beauty services for activations across the UK, delivering make-up, nail and hair services for key marketing moments across Pride, Mardi Gras and Halloween.
  • Responsible for sourcing, designing and manufacturing co-branded beauty products.
  • Sourcing talent for creative campaign photoshoots and VIP activations.
  • Managing digital content campaigns from brief through to social insights.


In Your Dreams have been fantastic to work with over multiple brands, not only do they elevate our events with their beautiful make-up looks for our guests, but they match our brand ethos of celebrating self-expression, togetherness and being your true self, making them the perfect brand partner. Even through (very) tight deadlines and ever-changing asks they bring their a-game and always have a solution – they’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout all our projects with them and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with the IYD team next year!

Caroline, Account Director

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