Our collaboration with Shay & Blue exemplifies the power of authentic storytelling to connect a brand with its audience. By sharing the creative journeys of influential voices within the community, we successfully elevated the brand’s values and showcased the profound significance of fragrance in daily life.

In Your Dreams were responsible for planning and producing the social series POWERED BY PERSONALITY. Where we carefully selected voices within their community to authentically represent Shay & Blue, delivering high-class content that increased engagement across their social platforms.


Working with Polly and IYD has enabled us to express our creativity as a brand, thanks to their own creativity, demographic knowledge, and true dedication to our key activations. As an indie boutique perfumery, the fragrance market can be challenging to navigate, but Polly’s inspiration knows no bounds, making it incredibly easy to bring to life what we once thought were impossible ideas, and to an incredible standard. We’re excited to see what boundaries we can continue to push with Polly and the team in the future.

Head of Ecommerce & Marketing at Shay & Blue

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